What is DINNOS?

DINNOS is the Diversity Innovation Support Scheme for SMEs. Diversity and innovation are key to business resilience. The DINNOS project offers eligible SME leaders and managers fully funded, digitally-delivered leadership training alongside cognitive training for their teams to help them harness the benefits of age diversity and improve innovation.

The project is part of an academic evaluation of the effectiveness of innovation support. It is fully funded by the European Union through Horizon 2020.


How can DINNOS benefit my business?

By participating in DINNOS, a leader or manager in your business will receive over 5 hours of free leadership training; 3 pre-recorded videos and 4 interactive online sessions over the course of 8 weeks. Training will be delivered digitally and cover topics including leadership styles, feedback, psychological needs and implementation challenges.

Three individuals from across the organisation will also receive 8 weeks of online cognitive training. This will feature game-based exercises to improve cognitive skills including executive functions, memory, logical reasoning and creativity. These employees will receive compensation from DINNOS for their participation.

Together, these interventions are intended to reduce age stereotypes and any associated conflicts (if applicable), and increase individual and organisational innovation.

Greater innovation can have a direct impact on your bottom line and bolster organisational resilience during challenging times. It can help your business gain a competitive edge by improving the quality or range of products or services, reducing costs, improving business processes, helping you enter a new market or enabling you to grow your market share.

Get involved in DINNOS and gain a competitive edge in this challenging environment.


Is my business eligible for the DINNOS scheme?

Participating businesses must employ 10-249 individuals.

Eligible leaders and managers must be part of the business’s senior management team. For training purposes, they will be required to nominate at least 3 direct reports to provide 180° feedback on their leadership. These individuals must be separate to those participating in the cognitive training.


How can I get involved?

Complete the form below to register your interest in getting involved in DINNOS.